About Me

website designer by day, photographer by night - or, often, the other way round.

A Brief History

I love landscape and nature photography, and mostly produce black and white images as I believe that detail is often better viewed without the distraction of colour. Having said that... I do also produce colour images where I feel this boosts the impact of the photo, especially when it comes to wildlife photography.

Mainly I use Nikon and Nikkor kit but I have a Tamron 11-18mm Wide Angle lens with a polariser which seems to be attached to the camera more often than all my other lenses combined!

All comments and feedback are very welcome, so please do drop me an email through the Contact Page.

photography skills as a nice little chart

A photographer, like most professionals, is always learning.  This chart represents my 'comfort levels' just as much as it does my skill levels.

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